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SZE’s team has prepared for the racing season - Study In Hungary
May 26, 2023 14:29
SZE’s team has prepared for the racing season

 This year the world record holder SZEnergy Team is participating in two races. The team of Széchenyi István University is facing new challenges to defend their title and finish on top in other categories.

In 2022 the SZEnergy Team won Europe’s biggest energy efficiency car race, the Shell-Eco Marathon, with a world record. Every year is a new challenge for the team because even the champion car cannot remain unchanged. The SZEnergy Team is a student companion, therefore its main goal is not to achieve results but to educate young professionals:emerging engineering students at Széchenyi István University can get a hands-on experience similar to real projects during designing, building and racing that is why they need to install something new to the car every year.

„Based on last year’s world record, the SZEnergy Team is one of the best teams in the world. Of course, it also means that this year we are competing against ourselves as well, and our biggest challenge is whether we can beat ourselves”, dr. Szauter Ferenc, the head of the Vehicle Research Centre of Széchenyi University and a former founding member highlighted, then added that the entire field is expected to try to live up to the set reference so a fierce fight is to be anticipated.

The students found plenty of opportunities for modification and refinement in the car which had previously been highly refined. Nevertheless, some modifications were introduced based on the experiences of previous years.

Read the full article to know more about the journey of the SZEnergy Team! 

Source: SZE.hu

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