Recognition of Diplomas and Qualification


There is no automatic EU-wide recognition of academic diplomas, which means you need to apply for this procedure to continue your studies in another EU country.

If you obtain your degree in Hungary and wish to study in another EU country, you need to go through a specific procedure to have your degree recognised in the other country. A “Statement of Comparability” of your earned university degree can be issued in your home country or in the host country of your studies. This certificate shows how your degree compares to the ones you can earn in the other EU country.

Before starting a recognition procedure, go to ENIC’s website (European Network of Information Centres) to obtain more information on the process and the required documents. All the Hungarian information centres are listed here so you can contact the responsible authorities to inquire about the recognition process. To get the best information contact the information centre of your home country, too. 

Find out more on ENIC's website:


You will also need to go through a recognition procedure if you would like to practice your profession in the EU, outside Hungary. On the official website of the European Union you can find out if your profession is regulated, in which case, you will need full recognition of your qualifications.

After application, you will receive an acknowledgement of your application from the authorities and will have to make a final decision within

  • 3 months: in the case of doctors, general care nurses, veterinary surgeons, dentists, pharmacists or an architect benefitting from automatic recognition of qualifications.
  • 4 months: for all other professions.

In case of rejection, they must provide an explanation as to why your application was rejected.

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For more information about recognition of diplomas and qualifications, please go to this page!

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