Living in Hungary

Recommendations from international students:

  1. Don’t miss the orientation week, it is very helpful!
  2. In case you have already missed the orientation week, go to the international office of your institution and ask about any missed information.
  3. Visit your international coordinator, check that everything is OK with your documents.
  4. Always be open minded! Use the first couple of weeks to meet new people; connect with professors and classmates, too.
  5. If available, try to join a Hungarian class to enhance the daily routine in Hungarian.
  6. The initial medical check-up is necessary. Whenever something is wrong, you can go back and visit the GP who carried out your initial check-up. Become acquainted with the doctor-visiting procedure before any real emergencies occur.
  7. Always check the expiry date of your residence permit and arrange an appointment to apply for a new residence permit card if needed. Especially when you want to travel to another Schengen country, you have to make sure the validity covers the travel.
  8. Always bring your insurance card with you when travelling, in case of emergency.
  9. If you lose your passport you can contact your Embassy in Budapest. The address, telephone numbers and working hours are usually available on their website.
  10. Buy a bike or check whether community bikes (like BUBI in Budapest) are available in your university town.
  11. Explore your city, collect as many memories as possible!
  12. Try local food. You will not regret it!