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University of Pannonia
Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.

The University of Pannonia, with its seat in Veszprém, is operating on six separate campuses in the Transdanubian region, the former Roman province known as Pannonia. The five faculties of the university offer a wide scale of high quality educational programs supported by cutting edge research activity and student friendly environment.

Programs offered in English at the Faculty of Business and Economics:
The Faculty of Business and Economics (Est. 2003) offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in three fields: business economics, economics and technical management. 

Bachelor's Program In Applied Economics
Bachelor's Program In Business Administration And Management
Bachelor's Program In International Business Economics
Bachelor's Program In Tourism And Catering
Master's Program In Marketing 
Master's Program In Tourism Management
PhD Program In Management Sciences And Business Administration

In order to meet the needs of the labor market, our activities are carried out in close cooperation with the regional industrial partners and local governments. Based on the professional achievements of our faculty staff and the internationally recognized R&D results, the University of Pannonia is ranked among the best Hungarian universities. The degree obtained at our University is an acknowledged, valuable certificate providing a solid basis for successful career perspectives. To improve cultural experiences, our campuses maintain decades and century long traditions of student life.

Programs offered in English at the Facutly of Engineering:
The Faculty of Engineering (Est. 1949) offers graduate and research programs in all traditional fields of engineering including chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, materials engineering.

Bachelor's Program In Chemical Engineering
Bachelor's Program in Water Operation Engineering
Master's Program In Chemical Engineering
Master's Program In Chemistry
Master's Program In Environmental Engineering
Master's Program In Environmental Sciences
Master's Program In Materials Engineering
PhD Program In Chemical Engineering And Material Sciences
PhD Program In Chemistry And Environmental Sciences

Programs offered in English at the Faculty of Information Technology:
The Faculty of Information Technology (Est. 2003) offers study programs in IT and advanced technologies: business information technology, engineering information technology, software information technology, electric engineering, logistics engineering.

Bachelor's Program In Computer Science
Master's Program In Computer Science Engineering
PhD Program In Information Science And Technology

Programs offered in English at the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences:
The bachelor’s and master’s programs of the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences (Est. 1990) cover the fields of education, social sciences, humanities and language studies.

Bachelor's Program In English And American Studies
Bachelor's Program In International Studies
Master's Program In English Studies
Master's Program In American Studies (Joint Degree With Nazareth College, NY, USA)
Master's Program In Applied Linguistics
Master's Program In International Studies
Master's Program In Translation And Interpretation
PhD Program In Multilingualism

Other foreign language programs at the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences:
Bachelor's Program In German Studies
Master's Program In German Language, Literature And Culture
Master's Program In Translation And Interpretation (In Hungarian + French, German)
Language Preparatory Courses (English, Hungarian)

Programs offered in English at the Georgikon Faculty:
The Georgikon Faculty (Est. 1797) was the first institution of agricultural higher education in Europe. Besides the traditional agricultural sciences, a great emphasis is laid on modern ecological considerations.

Master's Program In Agriculture
Master's Program In Plant Protection
PhD Program In Agricultural Environmental Sciences
PhD Program In Animal Sciences
PhD Program In Crop Production and Horticultural Sciences

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