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Széchenyi István University
Győr, Egyetem tér 1.

Széchenyi István University is located in Győr; the center of Central Europe’s "golden triangle" We are halfway between the capital of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, along highway M15, on the river Danube. This ideal location made Győr a very important automotive and industrial center. Here we can find the largest engine factory in the world: Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., and hundreds of automotive suppliers

The University provides education, and pursues research in the fields of engineering – especially for the automotive industry, IT, architecture pedagogy, economics, international relations, law, administration, social work, medicine and health, musical arts, agriculture and teacher training. Széchenyi István University's quality is reflected in the national and international marketplace, as many multinational companies hire our graduates and work with our university (e.g. Audi, Bosch, Flextronics, Grundfos, IBM). Our activities include education at all levels, from vocational courses  BSc, MSc  to the doctoral level and beyond through life-long learning.

We have 45 years of tradition and experience in supporting Hungary´s leading industries with a strong focus on vehicle engineering, transportation and telecommunication. As a result, our university has become the primary driver of the regional economy provider for the public service sector, and supplies the human resources and training needs for the North-Transdanubian region.

Our university offers unique training and research in the region, which serves engineering-focused production activities, helps build the North-Transdanubian economy and its social and institutional infrastructure. Our activities provide students with a high-level, professional, and practical education. Graduates are able to adapt to the highly competitive and changing market place.

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