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Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) is a university for artists, designers, creators and innovators who are committed to break the mold of mediocrity. We focus on taking a whole person approach via mentoring and creating a value-driven arts and design ecosystem in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region.

Creativity and flexibility

We represent creative thinking and flexible solutions in every unit of our three-pillar institution, providing innovative answers to key questions from the main social and economic actors.

Innovation and renewal

In the interconnectedness of environment, society, art and design, continuous innovation for the benefit of the community is essential and can only be achieved in accordance with our own capacity for renewal.

Openness and experimentation

The innovative spirit of our professional community would be unimaginable without an open-minded and always curious attitude towards the wider social context and a mind-set of constant questioning, which ultimately drives towards innovation. Working with economic agents, we not only become aware of market needs, but we also help to map them.

People-centred and designer approach

In the fundamentally changed social and economic environment of the 21st century, design plays a leading role in exploring human needs, designing user experiences, and humanizing technology. This is what motivates us in our education, research and innovation.

Collaboration and multidisciplinarity

We believe in the collaboration of different disciplines and social actors. We create conditions and situations that encourage participants to achieve outstanding results together.

Community and professionalism

We consider it important to maintain an ongoing dialogue between faculty members, researchers and pupils, for this reason we also aim to maintain an ideal number of students. From the designing process of campus spaces through event organization to curriculum planning, we strive to support the professional community.

Tradition and progression

Through our cultural engagement, we create, represent and deliver values to different sections of society. As a trend-setting community, we not only research the past but we also shape the future.

Programmes offered in English

More information: https://mome.hu/en/international

Contact: admission@mome.hu

  • English
  • Hungarian
Study area
  • Arts and Art Education
  • MA/MSc/MBA