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Kaposvár University
Kaposvár, Guba Sándor u. 40.

Kaposvár University is one of the largest universities in the Southern Transdanubian region of Hungary. Its establishment made Kaposvár the ninth university town in the country. Kaposvár University was founded by the Hungarian Parliament on 1st January 2000 when operating faculties and colleges were integrated in Kaposvár. Currently, education and research activities are carried out in four faculties: (Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Economic Science, Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Arts) and in five partner institutes: the Health Centre, the PET Centre, the Pannon Equestrian Academy, the Feed Crops Research Institute, and the Bőszénfa Game Management and Landscape Centre, where the scientific work is supported by the most modern equipment.

All of our students and teachers benefit from the primary results of the various merged institutions of higher education: our work is carried out in an open and flexible educational system which easily meets the challenges and expectations of the modern age.

Based on decades of traditions, our University plays a determining professional, occupational and cultural role in the lives of the country and the region by offering versatile and colourful study programmes with an easy transition among the degree studies.

Our recent graduates from the faculties of Agricultural Science, Economic Science, Pedagogy and Arts are able to meet better the requirements of the national and European labour markets due to our successfully operating high-quality education and research activities.

We wish to continue to improve the education and research possibilities of our University and to support the competitiveness of our students by improving our image and strengthening our foreign relations.

It can be said that at present our University is a modern, dynamic and innovative institution of Higher Education where students can responsibly invest in their future. We hope that the information provided in our introductory brochure will be interesting for you and will open the way for our future cooperation.


Kaposvár University, As An Innovative Institution, Is Committed To A Continuous Improvement Regarding The World’s Changing Economic, Technological And Scientific Life.

It Is Capable Of Adjusting To The Requirements Of The Labour Market, Trusting That It Will Influence The Requirements And Trends Of The Labour Market By Transferring Versatile And Competitive Knowledge To Its Students.

Besides, Providing Professional Education, It Puts Emphasis On The Improvement Of The Overall Skills, Abilities And Practical Expertise Of Its Students.

There Are Some Common Features Within The Different Departments And Faculties. These Are The Practice Oriented Training Of Professionals, And The Purposeful Application Of New And Useful Professional Knowledge That Grant The Competitive Edge To The University.

Kaposvár University Aims To Establish Comprehensive Working Relations (Professional Practices, Research Projects, Conferences, Etc.) With, Amongst Others, Contributors Of The Business World, Companies In The Agricultural Sector, Institutions Of Education And Culture, And Art And Communication Seminars.

The University Offers The Students A Vibrant, Animated, Active, And Modern Campus To Enjoy Their Academic Years.

Only the imagination or capability of the organizer can set limits to the cultural, sport and leisure activities organized for our students. These activities include permanent and regular events, as well as special occasionally activities. The art exhibitions, professional debates, concerts and parties lasting far into the night are popular not only among the students of university but also among the inhabitants of the town.

50 classrooms and 12 lecture halls can be found in the university buildings. The lecture halls can accommodate from 30 to 450 people. The building of the Faculty of Arts has 25 classrooms, and two lecture halls with a capacity for 120 and 250 people. During 2004 and 2005 the University was expanded with new buildings, where in addition to the new school block, a multifunctional Student Centre can also be found. The Student Centre includes the new, multi-storey university library which houses approximately 250,000 documents stored, and the New Student Hostel which can accommodate 350 people in double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, cable TV and internet connection for each student. In addition, a snack bar, computer and multimedia rooms, and a gym with a sauna make the students’ life more comfortable. The centre of the University is located in approximately eight-acres and is considered to be the most beautiful campus in Hungary.


The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers Bachelor’s degrees in the Bologna system, namely Animal Production Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Plant Production Engineer, Nature Production Engineer, and Horse Breeder and Organiser as well as a Second Degree Programme in Teacher of Agriculture. Master’s programmes are available in Agricultural Engineering, Animal Production Engineering and Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety faculties. Within the framework of postgraduate courses the opportunity is offered to study Fishery, Sheep and Goat, Horse Breeding, Pig Keeping, Cattle Breeding, Animal Nutrition and Livestock Feed Management. In addition, through professional training, special skills can be acquired such as beekeeping, ‘gold spike’ farmer, stable groom, farrier, horse trainer, horse coach, or inseminator. The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is accredited for PhD education in Animal Science.

The institution provides high – level education, research and technical expertise in interdisciplinary studies. The aim of the Research Programme of the faculty is to perform research in complex topics in Animal Physiology, Biotechnology, Farm Animal Breeding, Companion Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Plant Breeding and Protection, Veterinary- and Environmental Studies, Nature Protection, Wild Animal Farming and the Classification of Agricultural Products. In 2004 the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences received the Most Innovative University’s Faculty Award.


The philosophy of the faculty is characterized by a dynamic and innovative atmosphere, a direct contact with students, a constant quality control and the implementation of a practice oriented attitude through the cooperation with branches in the industry. The Faculty of Economic Science wishes to continue to play a leading role in the economic, social and cultural development of the region, and in providing professionals for this field. At the faculty BSc and MSc degree studies can be found in the field of Agriculture and Economic Sciences education. Besides General Economic and Company Economy education, our Economics degree studies provide specialized knowledge mainly in the financial, regional, and marketing fields. The studies of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural and Rural Development and Food Science dominate in our agricultural training. In the International Studies Degree programme we train specialists who learn international politics, economic, legal, and EU knowledge that make them eligible to deal with challenges in connection with the European integration process. The faculty offers vocational higher education special training programmes, and doctoral training (PhD) as well. The professionals are trained at the Faculty of Economic Science, acquiring valuable knowledge in administration, social studies, applied economics and methodologies, and are able to analyse, evaluate, and design social economic processes skilfully. They are able to make and implement decisions for economic operators, governmental institutions, local authorities, banks and credit institutions, non-profit organisations, and individual and collective entrepreneurships.


Every possible facility is provided to help our students to concentrate on their studies: a modern educational building with well-equipped lecture and seminar rooms; a well-stocked library and computer rooms. These latter ones provide our students to deepen their knowledge as well as reach and use foreign databases. The lecturers at our faculty – besides providing high quality education, also support students in gaining specific knowledge, learning the basics of scientific work furthermore, their participation in part-time education abroad. Our BA degree programmes are the followings: Infant and Early Childhood Educator BA, Special Needs Educator and Therapist BA (Learning Disabilities and Difficulties, or Speech and Language Therapy), Pre-School Teacher BA, Primary School Teacher BA.

The Vocational Higher Education programmes provide: Infant and Child Care, Youth Work (Youth Care specialization), Communication and Media Science (Expert in Communication and Moderator), Television Production Expert at our faculty. During their university years our students gain knowledge which makes them a competitive workforce in the labour market, and provides them possibilities to go further with studies.


The Faculty of Arts celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2014 (it has been a university faculty since 2009). Its over 10.000m² building complex is in the city centre contains our well-equipped lecture rooms, workshops, art rooms, performance halls, studios, laboratories, and exhibition rooms which serve the educational purposes of the faculty and offer the opportunity of performing and introducing the works of our students. Our lecturers are habilitated teachers with PhD and DL A degrees. The artists teaching at our faculty are either Kossuth-, Jászai-, Munkácsy- or Balázs Béla-prized lecturers or emerging young artists who are already known and acknowledged nationally and internationally as well. Our faculty is known as a student-, teacher- and colleague-friendly institution. The degree programmes offer the following: Acting (5-year programme); Teacher of Visual- and Environmental Culture (MA); Applied Visual Design (BA); Visual Representation (BA); Digital Graphic Design (BA); Photography (BA); Film and Media Studies (BA). By placing emphasis on the scientific research work, besides the artistic creative work, we provide the possibility for professional specialization thus ensure a modern approach in our education.

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