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Eötvös József College
Baja, Szegedi út 2.

Eötvös József Főiskola is the town’s Higher Education establishment and it plays a crucial role in the cultural, educational and scientific life of Baja. The institution was founded by Baron József Eötvös in 1870. Over the decades it has trained many hundreds of teachers to a very high standard, to work in Hungarian and National Minority Language schools. It is one of Baja’s oldest and most accomplished educational institutions with a history going back over 140 years.

Eötvös József College is pleased to offer BA course in Business and Management field. The College’s Business Sciencies Institution was established at the beginning of 2000 year to provide professional development training for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. The Institution offers Entrepreneurship and Logistic specialisations. The College maintain strong links with the business authorities and associations (National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Tax and Customs Administration), national and international Enterprises. 

Business and Management (BA) course - The aim of course is to set the future possibilities of understanding and acquainting each other’s business environments. In nowadays, the process of globalization enforced the business actors to recognize and adapt to the local and regional cultural differences (especially in the business field). Small and Medium Size Enterprises create the fundamentals of national economy in the EU and USA, too. Our Institute of Business Economics is turned to SMS Enterprises with the aim to promote the local and regional economic development. The course is built to be helpful in the increasing economic status of the countries, one of the most important pillars of this kind of education is the strong relation with actors of governmental and enterprises sphere. The course should be a useful tool to provide the next generations with opportunity to start and run a business in the international environment by student mobility to facilitate the experience change and on the job learning possibilities.

Students taking Specialization in Logistics learn about: 

  • logistical support to production processes; 
  • the requirements for logistics systems; 
  • logistical technologies (storage and warehousing systems, warehouse work processes, packaging techniques); 
  • transport; 
  • ERP systems to support logistics processes; 
  • customs law. 

Students taking Specialization in Entrepreneurship learn about: 

  • the financial and management characteristics of small- and medium-sized enterprises; 
  • management design features; 
  • the financial operation of companies; 
  • different methods for the evaluation of companies; 
  • quality management; 
  • international marketing. 


  • A wide range of training opportunities; 
  • full-time course and correspondence courses; 
  • active cooperation with the labour market; 
  • young, ambitious instructors; 
  • practice-oriented teaching; 
  • active scientific activity; 
  • active cooperation and prompt action on student demands; 
  • language learning facilities. 
  • English
Study area
  • Economic Science
  • BA/BSc
  • preparatory program