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Budapest Business University
Budapest, Markó u. 29-31.

BBS offers enduring experiences in the heart of Europe – Hungary: knowledge, friendship, intercultural understanding and many more. This booklet provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students information on learning options and opportunities offered by the university. 

BBS provides you:

Theoretical Knowledge with practice-oriented focus
Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences is a public business school with unique traditions. It has 160 years of history and almost 15,000 students. The university focuses on practical knowledge held in high esteem by the companies. The number of international students has been rapidly increasing over the past few years, and many of them find employment on the booming Hungarian labor market.

Business oriented Faculties
BBS has three Faculties in Budapest: Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism; Faculty of International Management and Business; Faculty of Finance and Accountancy. The fourth Faculty, the Zalaegerszeg Faculty of Business Administration is located in the countryside. Each faculty provides specialized knowledge for different fields of business, which also means significant synergies during studies. BBS offers programs in English, French and German in its Faculties in Budapest.

Experienced and enthusiastic professors
Our professors have deepened their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields of research. Some of them are former executives of companies, former employees of well-known international organizations or Ambassadors to various countries. Several professors have remarkable international experience and are always ready to share it and help you become the best. 

Excellent job prospects
BBS has designed its training courses to provide practical knowledge closely adapted to the demands of the labor market. The University offers a broad range of business related disciplines, social sciences programs and IT studies at higher vocational, BA/BSc, and MA/ MSc levels. Offered by recognized business and public administration institutions, the university's internships provide excellent job opportunities.

BBS tries to respond to the continuously changing labor market demands by adapting to the contemporary trends like the new industrial revolution, business digitalization and the emergence of East Asian Studies.

Unique language courses or programs
BBS is the only Business School in Hungary which has been offering East Asian language courses for business students for more than thirty years.
…AND a colorful student life that you will always remember when you start your successful career. 

”Develop ourselves to a major Business University of Applied Sciences player of the Central-Eastern European higher education area"

Strategic goals:
• Entrepreneurial University
• Internationally acknowledged University of Central Eastern Europe
• Experience based learning environment
• Socially responsible University 

NIBS accreditation
BBS is the first university in Hungary, which has been awarded by the Network of International Business Schools International Accreditation for a period of 5 years from October 2017 due to its very satisfactory level of internationalisation and excellence in several key areas.

Why BBS?
BBS has active connections with foreign higher education institutions across five continents. Students come from more than 200 universities through exchange programs, from almost 50 countries including Erasmus and Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships.

Competitive study programs
The university provides practice-oriented training courses and mandatory internships at recognized business and public administration institutions.  

Beyond the classroom
Feel at home at BBS. The university cares about students: student life, services and facilities.

Facts and Figures
established in 1857
6 campuses
12 BA programs
8 MA programs
Full study programs in 4 languages (Hungarian, English, French and German), business language courses in 12 languages and professional subjects in 8 languages
15 000 students

450 professor/researchers
700 international students - from 50 countries
200 partner universities worldwide
100% employment rate after graduation

Why Budapest?
Budapest, Hungary: study in the heart of Europe Budapest is a conglomerate of cultures Budapest is one of the most popular tourist destinations visited by about 4.2 million tourists each year. It is a city of numerous World Heritage Sites including the panorama of the Danube bank, the Buda Castle district, Andrassy Street, Heroes' Square and the Millennium Underground - the second oldest in the world after the London Tube. Budapest is a friendly city where people gather together from all over the world.

City for the Young
The city is famous for its bustling cultural life, superb spas and wellness centers, and extensive party zones. Budapest is a dream for young people for the great opportunities and its reasonable costs.

City of the future: opportunities for future employment
Being part of the EU since 2004, Hungary has long been a powerful player in the European and the global economy. Numerous multinational companies have offices and facilities here taking advantage of benefits such as the country's Central-European location. International companies are always interested in and keen on employing qualified young workers from all over the world.

A world of experience
Budapest is in the heart of Europe. The favorable geographical position and the short distances between countries offer opportunities for international experience. It is an excellent location for discovering the whole Europe.

Reputation for excellence
Hungary is rightly proud of the centuries-old educational traditions and is an important contribution to the intellectual heritage of the world. Hungarian higher educational institutions are well-known outside the country for carefully preserved traditions, the high quality of training specialists and a high level of teaching.

International relations
Budapest Business School is an integral part of the world's scientific and educational system. International cooperation projects include double degree programs; joint training courses; research and shared projects; educational and scientific cooperation. Student, teacher and staff mobility are carried out within the framework of Erasmus, CEEPUS and other mobility programs. BBS is also a member of several high profile international organizations, which helps the University to continuously follow the new trends of International Business Schools. The mission of the University is to become one of the leading business schools in the Central-Eastern European region. AIESEC, an international organization of young economists, is actively present at BBS as well. Focusing on organizing and implementing professional exchange programs as a major promoter for students finding employment abroad.

  • English
  • Hungarian
Study area
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Economic Science
  • Social Science
  • BA/BSc
  • MA/MSc/MBA