October 02, 2020 09:58
Your personal dictionary – the most important expressions at a Hungarian university

Once you got admitted to a university you will learn countless new expressions and terms that are indispensable for everyday life at a university but they are different from country to country. Hungarian universities are not exceptions so let’s find out what are the most important university expressions in Hungarian!

ZH or zárthelyi vizsga – classroom test

Among the most important expressions, ZH (pronounced ‘zaehie’) is the term used to describe the tests you take during the term-period – not to be confused with the exams by the end of each semester! It is typically a written test during a regular class that in some way or another will determine your final score at the end of the semester. In most cases, the result of these tests will make up your final grade at the end of the term period. Make sure you always prepare since the completion of these classroom tests is the prerequisite for taking the final exam.

Kredit – credit

Almost self-explanatory (and pronounced in Hungarian the same way as in English): credits are the numeric representations of your academic advancement. Each and (almost) every course you take has a credit value that is generally based on the time required to learn the specific subject. Usually, the most important (and maybe most difficult) subjects worth the most credits while optional courses have a modest credit value. As a rule of thumb: BSc programmes require 180 credits of you to complete while MSc programmes require 120 acquired credits.

Abszolutórium – pre-degree certificate

A certificate that states you have completed all the prescribed programme and exam requirements. In other words, you meet all the prerequisites of graduation which is necessary to advance to your thesis defence.

Index – school records or mark book

While in most cases all your academic matters are managed online, the term ‘index’ is still in use in Hungary. Historically it describes the small booklet all students used to have with all their personal information, registered classes and previously achieved grades.


Maybe you’ve already read our previous article about the Hungarian education system. Neptun is the online education interface that every student, professor and administrator uses to manage their academic and administrative tasks during the study period at their university. The unified education system called that is used by all Hungarian higher education institutions is primarily used to facilitate administrational obligations, receive and read official messages from your university and to register to subjects and exams throughout your semesters.

The list above if far from being complete but understanding these basic university terms will efficiently help you out along your way. Make sure to read our previous articles as well on taking online classes or trying alternative ways to study during the semester to make your first year at a Hungarian university even more easier!

Links and sources: Eduline.hu – Magyar-magyar szótár leendő egyetemistáknak

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