July 10, 2023 14:04

Living and studying in foreign countries can be a challenging time. However, stepping out of your comfort zone can grow you professionally and personally too. As a university student, you have plenty of opportunities to discover your study field in different countries. If you live in Central or South-East Europe, CEEPUS mobility programme is perfect for you. Here’s why.

International experience nearby

If you have not yet experienced studying abroad, CEEPUS mobility programme could be a great start. Living and studying in a foreign country is challenging for everyone so why not start this journey in one of your neighbouring countries? With CEEPUS you can share knowledge and experiences among countries with a common cultural heritage and a strong background of academic cooperation.

Study period fitting to your own curriculum

CEEPUS offers multiple options when it comes to mobility types. You can apply for a semester-long period (3-10 month), join a summer school (6-30 days) or take part in a field trip (3-5 days). With CEEPUS you can also prepare your thesis or spend your internship abroad with a short-term mobility (1-2 months).

Opportunity to do research

The main activity of CEEPUS programme is university networks operating joint programs, created by minimum 3 universities from 3 different countries. As a student you can find a network fitting your study field for deepening and widening your knowledge. (But if no network suits your needs, you may also apply as a freemover to any university of your choice in a CEEPUS country.) This way you can start building your academic network internationally as a student already.

Simple application

’My CEEPUS” is an online application tool available at www.ceepus.info. After signing in, you only need to follow the instructions in the „Mobility Wizard” which will guide you through the first steps of the online application process.

Already interested in the programme? Do not hesitate to apply! Hungary will accept applications until August 31 2023 for winter term in the 2023/24 academic year.

Learn more about the programme HERE and HERE.

What earlier scholarship holders told about their experiences?

„Through the exchange of students, I have had many new opportunities, I have learnt many new things from different cultures, I found new friends and I am very grateful for that.” (Freemover Vietnamese student from Romania)

„My best memories of my CEEPUS experience are my new academic acquaintances and networking for future cooperation.” (Freemover student from Croatia)

„In the field of my studies, a relevant achievement was to find a topic for my final thesis. I am also happy that I could improve my level of Hungarian significantly. I am very grateful that I could learn so much about Hungarian culture in my courses, but also for example in a folk-dance group that I could join.” (Freemover student from the Czech Republic)

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