September 25, 2020 14:06
The UP MOON BIKE 2020 project was completed in two months!

The UP MOON BIKE 2020 project was completed in two months: the international virtual field even exceeded the original goal.

The University of Pécs launched a cycling challenge titled “MOON BIKE 2020” on 26 June. The essence of the project, which formed a virtual community that encouraged joint physical activity and healthy lifestyle, was to get to the moon by bicycle in 80 days, i.e. to cover a total of 384,400 km anywhere in the world together.

The participants of the Moon Bike 2020 program achieved the original goal, the distance between the Earth and the Moon within the agreed deadline, in exactly two months, but the cyclists did not stop. They rested and the more than 600 enthusiastic cyclists headed back to Earth.

By September 13, they had covered a total of 937,531.72 km in 80 days, meaning they had doubled the original challenge and even cycled around the Earth four times.

The main goal of the University of Pécs as a Green University was to promote the environmentally friendly cycling during the pandemic.

If we had covered the Earth-Moon-Earth distance with a 1700cm3 -2000cm3 petrol car, the CO2 emission would have been 233.7 tons. The symbolic achievement of reaching the Moon by bicycle and the return supported domestic mitigation efforts. The amount of greenhouse gas saved is equal to the weight of the sequestered CO2 by 3,400 50-year-old trees in a full growing season.

In addition to the students, various partners, alumni and compatriots living in the diaspora collaborated with the University of Pécs in the campaign, who also helped to spread the word about the challenge from the United States through India to Australia.

Read more about the event on the official website of the University of Pécs.

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