September 05, 2022 09:28
The “Naughty Plum Prince” is the Cake of Hungary in 2022

Each year the Cake of Hungary competition is organized by Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association on the occasion of the national holiday, August 20th, the day on which Saint Stephen founded Hungary. It is a popular tradition to celebrate the most talented Hungarian confectioners and promote culinary innovation. This year the cake “Naughty Plum Prince” has been the winner of the contest.  

2022 marked the 16th anniversary year of the Cake of Hungary competition. Organized since 2007, the contest is concluded by a professional jury in two categories – sugary and since 2014, sugar-free as well. The jury was looking for new, creative recipes with a Hungarian flavour, which only contain natural and healthy ingredients. The competition was open throughout the country and a wide range of delicious cakes were registered for the contest.

This year the “Naughty plum prince” (“Huncut szilva herceg”), the work of Orsolya Karikó, pastry chef of Vanília & Gelarto Nagykőrös won the award, while the title of the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary was given to the cake, “Grandma’s Favourite” (“Nagyi kedvence”) made by László Gyuris, the master pastry chef of Virág Confectionery and Cafe in Szeged.

The base of the winner cake is a flourless, hazelnut dacquoise with whipped caramelized chocolate cinnamon crunch, which is softly layered with a fresh, light, and tasty, piquantly seasoned plum chocolate mousse, highlighted by the classic red wine of the Eger wine region, as well as the wild cranberry and plum jelly. The cake has a fruity topping that evokes the taste of freshly picked plums.

The sugar-free winner has a fresh, pleasantly sour raspberry top, while the crispness of the white chocolate pistachio and the light mascarpone mousse complete the taste of some hibiscus flowers and rosehip marrow. The sponge cake is made from almond and coconut flour, so it does not contain any grain flour. 

The official recipes of the award-winning cakes are shared with the Hungarian confectioner community. This enables professional confectioners to recreate the winning cakes throughout the country. If you want to try these tasty delicacies, check the list of confectionaries selling the sugary and sugar-free version of the Cake of Hungary on the website of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association (search for the pdf files at Magyarország Tortáját árusító cukrászdák - Település szerint 2022.)

Make sure you won’t miss the chance for having a slice!

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