December 06, 2021 17:05
The most important dates in the winter exam period

The winter term is just around the corner and Hungarian universities start their exam periods in December. We have collected the most important dates of some Hungarian universities to help you prepare for your exam schedule in time. Check them out!

The winter exam period at Eötvös Loránd University starts on 13th December and lasts until 29th January 2022, then the spring semester of the 2021/2022 academic year will start on 7th February 2022. The fall semester at Budapest University of Technology and Economics ends on 10th December and the exam period lasts from 20th December till 24th January, so that students will have 10 days for preparing for their first exams.

Semmelweis University holds its exam period between 13th December and 28th January and the spring semester starts on 31 January 2021, except the Faculty of Health Sciences where students must start their studies on 7th February. The last academic day of the fall semester at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary is on 18th December, here students can set up their exams between 20th December and 5th February. The students of the University of Public Service can also start taking their exams from 20th December, but they have the possibility to pass them until 21st January 2022.

The winter exam period at Corvinus University of Budapest will be held between 20th December and 22nd January. Pázmány Péter Catholic University will start its exam term on the same day, but here it must be finished a little bit later, by 5th February 2022.

Most faculties of the University of Pécs will start their exam period on 20th December, but there are some exceptions: the students of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts as well as the Faculty of Sciences may start taking their exams from 13th December. The last day of the exam term may also vary for each faculty, so you should check the university website for the exact closing dates relevant for your studies.

The autumn term-time at the University of Pannonia lasts until 17th December, then the exam period starts on 18th December and ends on 28th January 2022. Students of the University of Szeged should set up their exams between 13th December and 29th January 2022, but they have the opportunity for a re-examination period between 31st January and 5th February.

The University of Debrecen holds its exam period between 13th December and 28th January, while the University of Miskolc, Széchenyi István University in Győr and the University of Nyíregyháza will all have it from 13th December until 29th January.

We hope that our list can help you prepare your exam schedule in time. You should also note, that because of the Christmas period, most universities will be closed between 24th December until 2nd January, so try to get ready with your exam registrations well ahead. We wish you good luck!


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