January 08, 2021 11:03
The Alumni Hungary Webinar Series is now available on YouTube!

Check out the videos of the Alumni Hungary Webinar Series on YouTube! The webinars feature world-famous Hungarian scientists, artists and professionals who give inspiring presentations about their latest research and innovations.

The Alumni Hungary Webinar Series started at the end of 2019. It is an exclusive service of the Alumni Network Hungary website, a platform for international students who have studied or currently studying at Hungarian universities. By now 6 webinars have been conducted by outstanding Hungarian scientist, professors on the latest developments of their research areas.

The webinars are exclusive, they are available only for the members of the Alumni Network Hungary. For registration click HERE!

In December 2019 Judit Polgár, the legendary Hungarian chess grandmaster was our guest, who gave an insight into the world of chess and her professional life. While she is considered to be the strongest female chess player of all time, she also has indisputable virtues as a civilian: she is giving lectures, exhibitions, published multiple books and made unprecedented efforts to introduce chess as a tool in education. As a result, today chess is an integrated subject available for elementary schools.

In August 2020 nuclear physicist, Attila J. Krasznahorkay held a presentation on his research at the Nuclear Research Institute (Atomki) in Debrecen. In the experiment, they found a previously unknown fifth force of nature that may be connected to dark matter, whose mass dominates our Universe. Their discovery might also lead to a Noble Prize nomination.

The next presenter was Dr Tamás Haidegger, the co-founder of the award-winning Hungarian medical device company, HandInScan, and associate professor at Óbuda University. In his presentation, he introduced the story of HandInScan, an internationally acclaimed healthcare device that facilitates change in hand-hygiene and saves lives on a global scale.

In November our speaker was David Pap, Chief Executive Officer and founder of FabLab Budapest and associate professor of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. In his webinar, David talked about the future of engineering and the 4th industrial revolution focusing on computational design, additive manufacturing, material engineering, and synthetic biology.

Our last webinar in 2020 featured Ádám Pusztai, behaviour designer and gamification expert. He presented how the method of gamification can improve services, education and organizational productivity through the understanding of human behaviour.

All 6 webinars are now available on YouTube for members of the Alumni Network Hungary. If you are an international student who formerly studied at a Hungarian university or you are currently studying in Hungary register now at Alumni Network Hungary HERE, and get inspired!

The webinars will continue in 2021 with more exciting presentations of Hungarian experts and researchers. For more information visit the following sites of the Alumni Network Hungary:

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