June 17, 2024 09:44

How can technology improve the lives of people with disability? Can a person with severe visual loss “see” again with the help of a mobile app? What does the science of bionics deal with and how can it pave the way for a more inclusive society? At the next Alumni Hungary Webinar, Kristóf Iván, associate professor of the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics (ITK) at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, will present his team’s prize-winning development which assists people with serious visual impairment.  

May 27, 2024 15:49
Elderly Dog Therapies, Robotic Surgery, and Exam Nutrition Tips

Explore the academic landscape of Hungary, in the field of health and well-being. Discover how world-class robotic solutions are used in surgery, learn how dogs can helpin behavioural therapy against ageing, and check how you can optimize your performance during the exam period.

May 21, 2024 10:28

Studying at a university in Hungary offers the opportunity to meet exceptional professors and professionals. In the past months, there have been several notable events, including a visit from Nobel Prize winner Karikó Katalin, an exhibit from a world-renowned art collective, a workshop for alumni, and a researcher specializing in Sub-Saharan African studies.

May 15, 2024 13:10

In our work-driven world, working a lot is usually encouraged. However, it is often difficult to stop, set boundaries, and find the right balance between work and private life. So how much work is too much work, and how can you keep a healthy relation to your work or study? You‘ll get the answers at the next Alumni Hungary Webinar on 29 May by psychologist Bernadette Kun.

April 29, 2024 09:51
Facts about the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

Do you want to know, how applications for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship turned out? Which study fields were the most popular? How many applications were submitted? Read our article to learn more about it!

April 4, 2024 14:04
New master's degree at Ludovika University of Public Service

A new master's programme, Cyber security in the international space is available at Ludovika University of Public Service. The program is a 60 ECTS credit Master’s degree for students with diverse backgrounds: public administration, law, management, law enforcement, military, and IT graduates are welcome. The program focuses on security management and global strategy.

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