May 10, 2021 16:11
Practical Education for International Students: a new innovation project at the Széchenyi University

In addition to the Student Innovation Project and Student-Lecturer Project, which have been running with great success in recent years, Széchenyi István University has launched a new pilot programme exclusively for international students.

The Students’ Innovative Project (SIP) aims to enable them to participate in projects based on real problems, helping them to gain practical experience. The teams are developing solutions for two topics – sourcing ingredients related to national cuisines and navigating local stores – from which even startups can be born.

Széchenyi István University considers it extremely important that during their studies students should already encounter real-life problems. By solving these in the framework of a project, they can both gain practical experience and become familiar with the corporate environment. Excellent examples of this endeavour, which have become very popular in recent years, are the Student Innovation Project (HIP) and the Student-Lecturer Project (HOP), in which students form teams with the help of a designated mentor, and in a consultative approach propose a solution to a specific challenge posed by a company (be it a market research request or the optimization of a production line).

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