September 18, 2020 13:31
Most wanted – popular unis and programmes in Hungary in 2020

It is definitely an unprecedented year with many difficulties that turned uni life and applications upside down. However, the new semester is just round the corner with many new freshers to start one of the several programmes that Hungarian universities offer. Now that we have the statistics, let’s see which universities were the most popular, and to which programmes applied the most students.

In 2020, 91,460 students applied altogether to one of the programmes at a Hungarian university. The most popular uni this year was ELTE - Eötvös Loránd University, the oldest and largest university in Hungary, which received 24,1118 applications. The University of Debrecen was the second one having 13,483 applicants, and the third   was again a uni in the countryside, the University of Szeged with its 12,738 applicants.

In the top ten you will find Budapest Business School (12,534 applicants) and the University of Pécs (11,716 applicants), as well as the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (9,945 applicants).

The most applications (57,799) were handed in to Bachelor programmes. Compared to the previous years, the trends have not changed significantly, Business & Management (8,908 applicants) and Trade & Marketing (6,498 applicants) are again the most popular courses just like in the last few years. Psychology, however, attracted more students than before, it came out as third with 5,133 applications.

Computer Engineering (4,874 applicants), Tourism (4,399 applicants) and Finance (3,453 applicants) are still continuously among the most popular courses. Compared to the last year, Mechanical Engineering and Nursing Pedagogy have fallen out form the top ten, but IT Programming (3,762 applicants) and Media & Communication (3,107 applicants) have got into the favourite courses.

On 12 August the clearance gave one more chance to those who had not been accepted previously or had not applied till the official application deadline. The University of Debrecen reached the highest application rate, followed by the University of Pécs and Budapest Business School. The number of those who were accepted during the clearance is not yet determined, but the clearance thresholds have already been published. Based on the application scores the most popular course at clearance was Tourism & Catering at the Szombathely campus of ELTE, followed by Tourism and also International Management in English at the Budapest Business School.

We hope you all managed to enrol in the programmes you most wished for, and welcome to Hungary!

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