May 08, 2020 09:30
Keeping fit at home? Check out our tips to get in shape

If you wish to break away from your studies and fill up with energy, indoor training can be a perfect choice for you: it saves time, low cost and you can do it any time. Here you can find some useful tips if you want to keep active without leaving your home.

Go online

Whether you intend to try yoga, cardio aerobic or power training, it is surely worth going online. Plenty of workout videos are available on different video channels, and in most cases you don’t need any special equipment for them. You should also check the website of your favourite fitness club as you may join your everyday training sessions with your beloved trainers and teams online as well. And you want some extra professional training tips? Follow the social media sites of some famous sportsmen and get inspired: the Hungarian fitness world champions, Alexandra Béres or Attila Katus are just some of those we can advise.

Look up a personal training plan

If you don’t want to move to videos, but you are interested in guided trainings, search for a personal training plan you can go through on your own. Set your age, fitness and personal goals, these well-structured plans offer you a wide variety of workout types and set up your daily training routine. Today, there are different sports apps, such as FitOn or 30 Day Fitness Challenge, available for this aim, so you can reach them anytime, anywhere. Just sign up and start.

Get some university friends and train virtually

If you are not so motivated training alone, get some university friends and make your trainings virtually. No matter where you are in the world, now you can connect with our international friends and have fun together. You can start a virtual workout through any social media sites, all you need is to make a training plan you will all follow and set up your goals. And how to make it more exciting? Note your results and see who the best is.

Be creative and use your household gadgets

Bottles of water as weights? A broom to strengthen your hips and back? If you look around, you will realize that your room is actually an equipped home gym. You can make your own DIY weights by using some larger books, you can do series of squats with your fully packed backpack, or simply use your chairs for doing step-ups. It will not only train your body, but surely make you fun. Try them and share your ideas with your friends.

Check your university’s online courses

Among other online courses, some universities launched online sport programs to help the students keep fit at home. The Digital Dance Studio project of the University of Pécs (PTE) or the Sports all the time program of the Budapest University Athletics Club (BEAC) are just some of those to be mentioned. Check the university websites and join today.

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Source of the Pictures: Freepik, photo by ArthurHidden on Freepik

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