May 22, 2019 12:54
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You made the right choice. We are very happy that you have chosen a Hungarian Higher Education Institution to gain valuable knowledge. We think that you have found the perfect place for building your career and you are on the right way towards a successful professional development. Let us help you with that

We know that you are only at the beginning of your Hungarian journey, and you are very busy at the university, but we strongly believe that you can’t think about your future early enough. That is why we, the Tempus Public Foundation – who is also the coordinator of the Stipendium Hungaricum programme – want to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring out the most of your Hungarian experiences.

To strengthen the impact of your experiences, we have established the Alumni Hungary Network. This network enables all foreign students and graduates to meet and establish online and offline networks and to find new opportunities. This is also the main channel regarding the communication with students currently studying in Hungary and alumni members, related to alumni issues, so it is very important for you to become a member, and get every information right away.


What is in it for you?

Beside this important factor, we have 6 unbeatable reason why it is a great opportunity for you to join the Alumni Hungary Network:

  • through these contact and professional information that you type in during registration, we have the chance to invite you to alumni events and networking opportunities organized in Hungary during your studies
  • every year we organize a Farewell Party for Stipendium Hungaricum graduates, but we can only invite those, who have registered on the Alumni Hungary Portal
  • you can get to know foreign students from other Hungarian higher education institutions and are able to be a member of several vivid and fun, international communities around Hungary
  • you can get important study and alumni information and news from first hand
  • you can ask international alumni about their experiences in Hungary, gain practical information regarding
  • your Hungarian stay and studies and find a mentor
  • you can find project partners among present and former students

All these things can support your motivation to be a strong candidate during your studies and it enhances the value of your Hungarian diploma and professional network.

Register now here:

Supporting your smooth registration we have also made a How to register tool for you.
Of course you can also browse the Frequently Asked Questions section and you can write us a message if you need any help during this process: infoalumni(at)

Other things you can find here:

See you soon in the community!

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