October 10, 2023 15:39
Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship: study in Hungary and explore your Hungarian heritage

If you have Hungarian ancestors, the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship gives you an exceptional chance to receive an internationally recognised degree while you explore your Hungarian roots so you can both develop personally and academically while studying at a Hungarian higher education institution.

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship was established by the Hungarian Government for those who live in a Hungarian diaspora outside the European Union, Serbia and the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine, and wish to study at a Hungarian higher education institution to develop their personal, professional and cultural relations to Hungary.

While studying in Hungary, you can discover the thousand-year-old Hungarian history and culture, experience unique Hungarian traditions and also enhance your Hungarian language skills. If you are a citizen of one of the eligible countries (practically all countries around the world, except for the European Union, the Republic of Serbia and the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine) and have Hungarian ancestors, as a Diaspora Scholarship holder, you can receive an internationally recognised degree at a top-level Hungarian higher education institution and acquire highly competitive knowledge to advance both personally and academically.

You can choose from a wide range of programmes taught in Hungarian that cover all higher education fields at all degree levels. The Diaspora Scholarship is also an excellent opportunity to build your professional network and discover everything about the country in a supporting and welcoming student environment!

„(…) it’s an amazing opportunity for self-development in every aspect of life, educational, professional, familiar and even friend-wise. It’s not easy to find a scholarship that offers so much, like the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship. Tuiton-free education, tuition fees, monthly financial support, travel and accommodation allowance, events and trips around Hungary and occasionally abroad. All of it for free! Not to mention the support we get from our mentors and coordinators for whatever we need, the networking with great people and the opportunity to explore more about our roots and eventually build stronger connections with our family.” (Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil)

As a scholarship holder, you will receive tuition-free education, medical insurance, a monthly stipend (upon request), an accommodation contribution (upon request), a student ID, and a travel contribution (upon request). Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to develop yourself personally and academically, and connect with your Hungarian heritage.

The next application period will start for the academic year of 2024/2025 in the course of autumn 2023.

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