December 07, 2019 13:12
Hidden gems of the Capital

This article includes some of the highly amazing hidden spots of Budapest, not the main tourist attractions. Even though I am sure that these unusual treasures will indeed amaze you.

Budapest Cave Church

Once it was the home of a solitary monk, this cave now houses a small church. On the Buda side of Budapest, hidden into the side of Gellért Hill (named after a saint, Gellért, who was closed into a spiked barrel and rolled down from the hill ), it is a small cave with a large cross above it. History repeats itself, thus the cave was not only the home of a monk in the past but it is run by the Pauline Monks in Hungary today.

Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum

The pharmacy began to operate as a private collection of pharmaceutical oddities in 1896 but later it became a museum in 1948. Called a collection of “Historical Chemist Relics,” it is better described as an alchemy museum. Besides the many interesting things to see, this Hungarian pharmacy museum owns a box full of mummy powder. Sounds a bit creepy and weird, right? It is worth to take a look!


It is located next to the City Park, just next to the Heroes' Square and behind the Museum of Fine Arts. It is placed in a public park where visitors can come and try to spin the gigantic wheel for themselves. It is probably the world’s largest hourglass that is reset only on New Year’s Eve.

Pinball Museum

Heaven for pinball players – it is located in a basement under a downtown residential building. Purchasing a ticket gives visitors the opportunity to play the pinball machines for the entire day. Among the huge amount of machines on display in the museum, one of the most magnificent pieces is the rare “Mesevonat” (Fairy tale train) machine, which stands [considered?] as the only known Hungarian-made pinball machine.

Epreskert Garden

The romantically named Epreskert (Mulberry Garden) near Andrássy Avenue was originally a municipal mulberry field, operating until the 1870s. The park has been one of the most important meeting points for the art scene of the city over a century now.

Gül Baba Street

This beautiful street near Margaret Bridge leads the visitors to the tomb of Gül Baba. Gül Baba Street is a unique place in Budapest because it is one of the oldest and the steepest streets in the city. The pathway curving towards the sacred site was recently renovated but retains its old charm.

Article by Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder, Rida Tariq.

The article is based on the view of the author, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Study in Hungary.

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