October 13, 2021 13:21
EHEF 2021 Online Fair

Are you a student from Japan and planning to start your academic studies in Hungary? Do you need more information about scholarship opportunities and Hungarian higher education? Then, don’t miss the EHEF 2021 Online Fair on 29 October!

Maybe you heard some facts about Hungary, but now you have a chance to join the EHEF 2021 Online Fair, where you can learn from Mariko Botar (Stipendium Hungaricum alumni) about how Hungarian higher education is. Do you plan to explore your options in studying in Europe? This fair is the perfect event for you to get all the information you need if you are from Japan!

EHEF 2021 Online Fair will be held on 29th-30th October and aims to give Japanese students a deeper understanding of the appeal of studying in Europe. Here you have a chance to meet Mariko Botar, our  Stipendium Hungaricum alumni, who have a round table discussion with 3-4 another Japanese Study in Europe alumni on 29 October 15.00-17.00 (JST timezone)

Here you can read Mariko’s blog, where she shares stories of her Hungarian experiences and post about her carrier and professional work!

With its high academic standards, the wide variety of international degree programs with significantly lower tuition fees than North America and Oceania, advanced research facilities, not to mention diverse cultures, languages and societies, Europe remains a highly attractive destination for students from all over the world.

On the days of the event, staff from 150 higher education institutions, agencies, and embassies from 25 EU Member States will introduce their learning programs and scholarships via individual private consultations that can be booked in advance, or a live chat function.

EHEF 2021 is also an important opportunity to get the latest up to date information from institutions on the Covid-19 situation, and the measures put in place to ensure as safe and secure an educational environment as possible.

During the virtual fair, you can have a meeting with the Embassy of Hungary and Hungarian Cultural Institute (ハンガリー大使館 ハンガリー文化センター) and you can learn about Hungarian universities.

Let’s register for the event HERE!

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