November 29, 2021 16:13
DNA revolution and genetic reprogramming - Webinar by Prof. András Dinnyés

Join the next Alumni Hungary Webinar on 8 December, where we will take you to the field of genetics and biotechnology! This time top researcher Prof. András Dinnyés, who was also a team leader in the Dolly cloning team in 2000, will hold a presentation on the latest developments of genetic reprogramming and stem cell research.

Prof. Dinnyes has been working on embryology, cloning and stem cell biology since 1985. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the National Zoo, Washington D.C., and worked at leading institutions in US, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, China, UK. In 2000 joined the „Dolly cloning team” team in Roslin Institute, UK as team leader. In Hungary he produced the first cloned mice and rabbit. He is full professor at Szeged University and the Hungarian Agricultural and Life Sciences University. Since 2005 as founder and CEO, leading BioTalentum Ltd focusing on human stem cell research for biomedical, toxicology and pharma purposes. He has received the “Denis Gabor innovation Award”, member of the Academia Europaea and Honorary Professor of Sichuan University, China.

Webinar content:

The last decade brought a great progress in discoveries of (epi)genetic reprogramming of cells in order to generate animals (somatic cell nuclear transfer, “cloning” technology) or immortal cell lines for biomedical applications (induced pluripotent stem cell technology). The outstanding importance of the field has been recognized by a Noble Prize in Medicine in 2012 for Sir John Gurdon and Prof Shinya Yamanaka. Currently the first medical and commercial applications are arising, as a potential „game changer” paradigm shift for regenerative medicine and individualized treatments.

The lecture of Prof. Dinnyés will provide interesting details in the genetic reprogramming field, with numerous practical examples of potential use of the methods in animal breeding, drug development, regenerative medicine and “in vitro” toxicology, with special emphasis on human cellular models and possible treatments of central nervous system diseases. Furthermore, animal welfare, ethical considerations and legal regulations will be discussed, as major factors affecting the commercial viability and translational progress of the methods.


Date of the webinar: Wednesday, 8 December 2021 between 10:00 and 11:00 am (CET). After the presentation, we will have a 30 min. live Q&A session, when Prof. Dinnyés will answer your questions.

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