September 20, 2021 14:13
Beyond the lectures and exams: services for students on the campus

Becoming a university or college student gives many extracurricular opportunities than lectures and exams. You can choose to join a language course or arts and science group, participate in career counselling, or try to do new sports. The selection is broad, only your free time is the limit.

Language courses

Several higher education institutions offer free language learning. For example, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) organizes general and professional English language courses beside French, German, Italian and Spanish so students can use eight "units", and master's students can use four "units", i.e., they can enrol in two-hour courses once a week every semester. Students of the Corvinus University of Budapest can also immerse themselves in Arabic, Chinese or Portuguese, and they can even take an economics exam at the Corvinus Language Examination Centre. Széchenyi István University also advertises free language courses of the most popular language from the beginning to advance and focusing on conversation.

Language skills can also be developed with the help of foreign students studying in Hungary. Among others, the Erasmus Student Network operates in Miskolc, Debrecen, Szeged and Eger: the members of the international organization help the integration of foreign students, they organize various events to make their time in Hungary memorable for them.

Art and Music workshops

Students engaged in music, dance or other arts can join several groups. Some of them have their tradition and history such as the Corvinus Folkdance Ensemble since 1948, Budapest University of Technology and Economics Symphony Orchestra established in 1846, Győr Philharmonic Orchestra since 1894. The Eötvös Art Ensemble consist of three cultural groups: the Béla Bartók University Choir (since 1948), the University Chamber Orchestra (1957), the Folk-Dance Ensemble There are some new ensemble such as the folk dance group at the Faculty of Law and State Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University (2004) where novice dancers and professionals can join, and often perform at university events.

There are various and well-known university festivals: students at the University of Debrecen can participate in popular or classical music concerts, theatrical performances of the Lovarda Student and Cultural Conference Centre, the program of the BME University Days or the University Days of Miskolc rivals that of the major festivals, while the Autumn Cultural Festival of the University of Szeged are held for one month and it has mostly free programs such as book weeks, literary evenings, theatrical performances.


Almost 40 kinds of different sports – team sports, wall-climbing, jiu-jitsu are offered for the students of Eötvös Loránd University, who also receive credits for completing physical education courses for playing sports "in-house". This isn’t the only higher education institution offering free or subsidised sports opportunities to its students and staff. For example, students at Semmelweis University receive discounts in several gyms and sports complexes in Budapest, while students at the University of Pécs can learn the basics of hip-hop, kizomba, Cuban salsa, belly dancing and many other dance styles as part of the Dancing University Program launched in 2000.

Most universities have their handball, volleyball, and football teams, and even the institutions compete against each other. For example, students from the four medical universities compete in the Annual Medical Cup. The University of Debrecen has had its sports club for more than a hundred years, but those who are not interested in team- or competitive sports, the university sports centre regularly organizes trips or hike to the Hungarian hills, and the university even has its rental bike system.

Career counselling

Students who are already planning to find a job can contact the career services office of universities or join alumni groups such as Alumni Network Hungary. The career office of the University of Miskolc also helps students find the right internship place or the first job with the support of writing CV-s. The Career Office of Széchenyi István University is affiliated with more than 1500 companies, so it also offers job and internship opportunities to students. There is also a career office at the University of Szeged, applicants can participate in job interview simulations and receive support for writing the motivation or cover letter, while students can find student jobs and various skills development training in the career office of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Here students have an opportunity to get help for their mental health.

Life coaching

The ELTE PPK Life Coach offers free psychological counselling on stress management, self-sufficiency and lack of motivation, and meetings take place in person and online after booking an appointment. In addition to personal consultation, the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University also launches small group stress management, self-knowledge, or mindfulness training. The Eszterházy Károly Catholic University also have a specialist, whom struggling students can get help from. At the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, not only counselling but also psychotherapy is organized, which is recommended for students who have long struggled with some difficulties; they can also provide effective assistance in case of trauma, addiction or phobias.

Nowadays universities provide many opportunities for their students and staff to be whole-being people and live a prosperous life on the campus so make sure to check out the services your university has to offer!

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