July 16, 2019 10:28
Best places to study and work in Budapest - Life outside the campus
Stipendium Hungaricum - Campus Buddy article

When you think about studying in Budapest, you will probably be very excited to see the beautiful architecture, experience the famous thermal baths, and make a lot of amazing local and international friends.

These things all make studying in Budapest incredible of course, however you should never forget that your number one priority here should be your studies and successfully achieving your degree. This means you will probably spend many long hours working hard at your campus, dorm room or apartment. Especially during the exam periods, you might become quite sick of your desk and find it hard to concentrate there. Luckily, when you need to change your study environment, Budapest offers many other places you can go and get some work done.

1. Cafés

There are so many cafés in the city which are perfect to work in. Many of them have big tables and desks so you can spread out all of your books, they offer fast WiFi, lots of plug sockets for keeping your laptop charged, and they don’t mind if you stay there for a few hours and order just one coffee! And when you need a study snack you can try some of the delicious Hungarian pastries and treats. Go walk down the streets and explore the city, especially in the neighborhoods around the bigger universities, and you will find lots of cafés with a calm work atmosphere where students are studying hard. 

2. Libraries 

There are some stunning libraries in Budapest, which are worth visiting not only for study purposes, but even just to admire. Libraries are the perfect place to study if you need a peaceful and quiet work environment, and being surrounded by hundreds of books makes a great atmosphere. Your university will most probably have a beautiful library itself but you can also visit other universities’ libraries. The Szabó Ervin Central Library is a very popular library among students and tourists too because it is a beautifully restored former palace with beautiful wooden spiral staircases and incredible reading rooms. You might have to buy a library pass for some of the libraries, but you will be able to get it at a discounted rate with your student ID.

3. Parks and gardens

During the warmer months grab a blanket, your books, some study snacks and head off to study in one of the city’s many beautiful parks and gardens. I am lucky that my campus, Szent István University in Buda, is in a beautiful botanical garden, the Budai Arborétum. Between classes it was easy to find a quiet bench or shady spot to practise an upcoming presentation, read through class notes or discuss assignments with classmates. Even if your university doesn’t have a garden such as this in the campus area, there are plenty of peaceful parks around the city where you and your study buddies can get your work done surrounded by nature. 

Article by Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder, Paula Louw.

The article is based on the view of the author, and is not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Study in Hungary.

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