September 19, 2019 15:00
Be part of it - European Mobility Week

Within the frame of the European Mobility Week many Hungarian cities join the Car-free Day Movement. Choose public transport instead of cars on 20 September 2019!

Founded in 2002, the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Campaign is about to improve public health and quality of life through promoting clean mobility and sustainable public transport. The campaign helps people to discover the streets of their cities like never before, and this is also a presentation of the challenges that the cities and towns are facing in connection with traffic jams and air pollution.

If you are already here in Hungary, we are sure that you know that one of the biggest advantages of Hungary is the size of it. You can reach different cities and towns easily by public transportation. This year a total of 292 participants take part in the movement so you can qucikly find a nice programme for the weekend. Here you can read the whole list of the Hungarian cities and towns organising different kinds of events for the residents and visitors.

In case you still have some items on your Hungarian bucket list get your training shoes and walk or bike around the country. The weather will be absolutely sunny and nice this weekend so everything seems perfect for a nice little trip in this beautiful country!

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