August 03, 2020 11:43
5 useful mobile apps invented by Hungarians

Hungary has a thriving startup ecosystem with a wide range of educational institutes and a large pool of highly skilled developers. Several innovative mobile apps have been created in this vibrant tech scene in the fields of health, tourism, design or city life, just to name a few. 

Apps can really make our lives easier either you use them for guidance, entertainment or medical purposes. There are many Hungarian tech companies and start-ups developing apps that are worth checking out. Here are 5 Hungarian mobile apps that will surely give you help and fun.

Pocket Guide

This is an app that provides location-based audio tours. Available in 150 cities worldwide, the Budapest-based travel startup provides audio guides that you can download, so no roaming fee will be charged. During your tour, you can record your experiences with photos, videos, and also create 3D videos. PocketGuide is the holder of many international innovation awards and was ranked among the three best start-ups in 2011 by TechCrunch.


This Hungarian invention is also called the Uber of parking. It is a constant problem for city dwellers to find free parking spaces, and Budapest is no exception either. Almost 30% of the cars on city roads are looking for free parking spots, which is not only time-consuming but also significantly raises air pollution. Parkl helps you to find a parking spot easily, manage on-street parking or even electric vehicle charging by showing the available off-street parking spots – like car parks, garages of hotels, apartment houses, or offices - on its map and providing automatic entry.


Playsic was developed by a group of students at the Budapest Metropolitan University. Playsic is a social jukebox that enables you to play your favourite songs based on your Spotify playlist when you go out to pubs, bars or venues. From the map view you not only can explore other music lovers but it's also easier to meet your friends in the city. With this app, you can be a DJ for the night!

Budapest Design Map

Budapest Design Week is the biggest design event in Hungary which is happening every year in October. As part of the project, the Budapest Design Map app was developed to provide information about design stores and venues from 15 categories, including fashion, design, home decoration and furniture. Within these categories, you will find a list of more than 150 selected designer showrooms, galleries, workshops and hotspots for design with detailed information. This app and its print map version is the most comprehensive guide of the city’s design scene.

SYL (Save Your Life)

This is the first app that was designed to help you in any accident by automatically contacting the emergency services without any human intervention since during an accident, the driver or the passengers are often unable to do so. With this app, passengers don’t have to wait for anyone else to discover that they had an accident, which can save very precious minutes with saving lives.

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