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5 best ways to welcome April in Hungary

There is a special, festive air in April. As the sun gets out the temperature pleasantly warms up. That’s why it is the best time to go outside and enjoy the blooming gardens or take a daytrip away from Budapest. Are you looking for something new and less touristy? Read our guide to enjoy culture and history while exploring Hungary.

Enjoy a concert at Bartók Spring International Arts Week

If there are a few Hungarian names you’d like to remember, Béla Bartók is definitely one of them! He was a handful of early 20th-century composer and ethnomusicologist. He recognised how indigenous folk music could fuel a new sort of progressive concert music. He dedicated his life to collecting and transcribing folk music and dances and at the same time became a well-known figure as a performing pianist.

Launched in 2021 the Bartók Spring International Arts Week is a unique series of events. The festival aims to represent the composer’s creativity. It delves into his work, but at the same time gives an insight into countless other genres from contemporary classical music, jazz and dance and even pop music. Presented by Müpa Budapest, the Bartók Spring is gradually growing and offers a uniquely wide variety of programmes to music lovers. For more info visit their official website.

Harvest tulips at Kőröshegy by Lake Balaton

Some may think a visit to the Hungarian Sea is a typical summer activity. Believe us, Balaton has many more things to offer than its sunny beaches. The Lake’s surroundings are very well known for their beautiful towns and hiking routes which are worth visiting in every season of the year. If you wish to spend some time in nature our current top-notch recommendation is a daytrip to Kőröshegy. Every April the town organizes a tulip harvest for spring lovers. There are 100.000 tulip bulbs and 15.000 daffodils planted for this special event. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor programme for April, check out the opening schedule and event details here.

Discover the countryside at the Debrecen Spring Festival

If you are a city person who wants to spend some time away from the capital, Debrecen is your place to be. As it is the second largest city in the country it offers a buzzing atmosphere for everyone who wants to discover the Eastern parts of Hungary. The best time to do this is between April 4th to 19th, when the Spring Festival takes place.

The Festival is often called the cultural season opener of the city. The goal of this long-standing meeting is to highlight the artistic content created by locals, showcasing Debrecen’s cultural value. This year’s theme is about the trinity of “Debrecenism”, anniversary artists and novelties, emphasizing the values of local communities and civil initiatives. Among others, the audience might meet the legends of classical and light music life, theatre shows, dance and culinary art programmes. If you’re interested, check out their official website.

Visit the second largest baroque castle in the world

The Royal Palace of Gödöllő – often considered the Hungarian equivalent of the Palace of Versailles – is a charming hidden. Located 30 kilometres northeast of Budapest it is easily accessible for visitors. The palace – which is indeed the second largest Baroque castle in the world was built at the beginning of the 18th century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It became the favourite summer residence of the royal family, Especially Queen Elizabeth Sissi, who loved spending her time there.

Besides the permanent exhibition of the Palace, there are many more interesting things to see. Located on the estate visitors might choose from the Baroque theatre, the stables, and the reconstruction of the Horthy bunker. The northern front garden, the main facade with the so-called Italian bastions and walkaways were rebuilt with historical authenticity in 1998. Last but not least, the 26-hectare English park – which was declared a natural reserve in 1998 - is also open to the public. Let’s jump on the suburban train from Örs vezér tere and visit the Royal Palace of Gödöllő!

Immerse yourself in Hungarian poetry on April 11

Attila József's birthday, 11 April, was named the Day of Hungarian Poetry in 1964. Over the decades, many efforts have been made to turn this day into an impressive event with a variety of messages. Today, the goal is to make poetry a part of every day of our lives, to make reading poetry a natural activity, a talking point that sparks debates invigorating the soul, whether it is the poetry of our time or the classics.

Müpa Budapest considers it especially important to reach out to future readers who are just dipping their toes in poetry. For this reason, they organize a bunch of youth events, where admission is free of charge. Get in the mood for the Hungarian poetry day by enjoying a sunset at Attila József’s sculpture next to the Parliament and read his poem “By the Danube”.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the Hungarian culture in April, we highly recommend you visit at least one of the above-mentioned programmes.


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