May 15, 2023 10:52
The University of Pécs is the 21st Greenest University in the World!

In 2022, the University of Pécs (PTE) was ranked for the seventh time in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings international programme. The University of Pécs was ranked 21st among the 1050 "green universities" in the world, and for the third time out of the 11 Hungarian universities included in the ranking, it was the best ranked, earning the title of the greenest Hungarian university in 2022.

"It is important for the University of Pécs to reduce the environmental impact of its own activities and the exposure and vulnerability of its infrastructure and operations to local environmental impacts, and to support its collaborating partners in doing the same. Systems thinking, a complex sustainability approach and partner cooperation provide an opportunity to address the challenges in a holistic way. Overall, this result demonstrates that the 4-5 year sustainability goals set at the time of the model change have been met within a year and a half.

The University of Pécs has a track record of being the greenest university in Hungary, but it is clear that it needs to be constantly open and receptive to innovations that reduce its ecological footprint. On the one hand, our institution is constantly inspired by the spirit of competition, and on the other hand, it is constantly motivated to address the topic in all disciplines of the University's education and research portfolio", said Dr. Katalin Szili, member of the UQF's Board of Trustees responsible for sustainability. 

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