February 05, 2020 15:08
Parallel Hungary Exhibition

Stipendium Hungaricum doctoral students host an exhibition in frames of the Parallel Hungary project of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The mission of the exhibition is to start a discussion about interpreting and understanding each other’s cultural backgrounds in a playful way. The exhibition opened on 30 January and can be visited until 18 February in the Aula of the University.

Parallel Hungary is a project organised by the doctoral students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The project’s members are those creative artists who are currently studying in Hungary supported by the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. During their first year of studies, they experienced such cultural and social differences which are not necessarily sensible and visible to Hungarians. While focusing on their professional advancement, they also asked questions about one’s own cultural identity. The exhibition is dedicated to these diverse cultural characteristics and how they experienced cultural shock in Hungary.

As the Facebook event mentions, the doctoral students ask such questions as “what does it mean to be at home at a certain space, how a specific place construes one’s identity (Castells), what social bonds can a place render, what does it mean to tear those bonds, or whether the fashionable thought of “universal statelessness”, or the universality of the nomad way of life is a valid claim today.”

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